Commonwealth Science Conference Bangalore 2014

Entrepreneurship and innovation in India

Narayana Murthy
The Indian software industry and its contribution to India and the world

This talk details the two major innovations that the Indian software industry has brought to the table - Global Delivery Model and the 24-hour workday - to reduce cost and cycle time, and to enhance quality and productivity in large scale software development for global customers. The talk also lists several mission critical applications developed by the industry for global customers. Finally, the talk covers the value-add of the industry to India and lists some of the advances in corporate governance that this industry has championed to raise the prestige of India. 

Dr K Kasturirangan

The Indian space endeavour, born out of the vision of Dr Vikram Sarabahi, had its modest beginnings through the launch of sounding rockets to explore the upper atmosphere from Thumba, over which passes the geomagnetic equator.  From these modest beginnings, this programme has grown into a major national effort encompassing the Indian Space Research Organization, India’s premier space agency, government departments involved in earth resources management, meteorology, communications, broadcasting, education, and health. Further, the programme has the involvement of a large number of Indian industries, and private entrepreneurs providing downstream services like geographic information systems based decision support, very small aperture terminal based communication services and so on.  Another major element is the international collaboration and cooperation with agencies of other nations across the world. A level of self-reliance is brought in through the development of launch vehicles to ensure autonomous access to space. More recently India has also made forays into planetary exploration and is slated to launch a major multi- wavelength astronomical observatory in about a year. Even though the focus of the Indian space programme is to bring its potential for national development, its multi- dimensional character ensures a comprehensive approach in developing this important national endeavour.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
The Virtuous Cycle of Innovation

Bangalore presents an ideal venue for any talk on entrepreneurship and innovation as this city is well recognised as the “Start-Up Capital” of India. It is estimated that over 40% of start-ups in India took shape in Bangalore and almost one start up comes up in the city every day. This entrepreneurial energy reverberates through the first-generation entrepreneurs who have played pioneering roles in the fields as varied as Information Technology (Infosys), Biotechnology (Biocon), E-tailing (Flipkart) and Big Data Analytics (Mu Sigma). However, what we have created , still falls short of the huge potential of our promising country, which can be unleashed by setting up the virtuous cycle of innovation that takes ‘ideas’ to the ‘market’. There are three critical components of an enabling Innovation ecosystem, the academic research institutes, startups and industry that works together to foster innovation and value creation. 

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Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Chairman and Managing Director, Biocon Limited (India)

NR Narayana Murthy Executive Chairman, Infosys Technologies Limited (India)

Dr K Kasturirangan Former Head of the Indian Space Research Organisation (India)